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Here at Wet Pets, we take great pride in providing our customers with the largest selection of the healthiest and highest quality livestock. Even though we stock up to 20,000 species of fish at any given time, the freshwater angelfish have a special place in our heart. Our passion for angelfish dates back to the late 1960’s. In the 60’s, Ed Sr. started breeding and raising angelfish at home, giving the offspring to friends, family, and neighbors. Ed Sr. soon passed his passion and knowledge to his oldest two sons, Brian and Ed Jr., and by the mid 70’s; the few tanks progressed into multiple tanks, which turned into well over 100 tanks neatly displayed in a large room located in the basement of their ranch style home known as “the fish room”.

Ed Sr. and his sons quickly became known as one of the top breeders and suppliers of freshwater angelfish as well as many other species in the tri-state area. They continued breeding and raising fish through the 1980’s always aspiring to one day open a pet store that specialized in exotics. Their dreams and passions finally came true when they opened up Wet Pets and Friends in 1992 in a brand new outdoor strip mall located in Peters Township. It was only then that the boys stopped breeding and raising fish at home due to the fact that Ed Jr. and Brian worked 12-hour days 7 days a week getting the store on its feet with no time left to spare while Ed Sr. was working his full time job as an art director and spent his evenings helping the boys at the store. The store immediately became a success do to their hard work, dedication, knowledge, and the amount and quality of their inventory.

Over the next 13 years, Ed Sr.’s wife, Pat, and their youngest son, Dean, also joined the Wet Pets and Friends’ family business along with 13 other qualified and knowledgeable employees. With a successful and growing business, the Taimuty family started searching for land to design and build a much larger freestanding facility. While designing the new facility, Ed Sr. and his sons made sure to include enough room in the downstairs filter room to add a fish hatchery knowing that they had the help of their knowledgeable and dedicated staff to help them start breeding and raising freshwater angelfish once again this time to provide strictly for the customers of Wet Pets and Friends.

The hatchery was designed with all the latest technology to enable them to raise a large volume of angelfish in a short amount of time and still maintain the highest quality of health. They decided to have two 400 gallon systems, system one for the breeding pairs and hatching the fry and system two to house and raise the fry until they are ready to be taken to the showroom upstairs to sell. System one is kept at a temperature of 78-80 degrees, has a PH of 7.5-8.0, and has a hardness of 50-100 PPM. This is done by using an R/O, or reverse osmosis, unit to do water changes.

By keeping the water at these parameters, the eggs will stay permeable longer so that they will be better fertilized which will result in a larger number of fry hatching. However, once the fry, or baby fish, are hatched, they need to be moved to system two because although R/O water is great for spawning and hatching, it is not the best for raising fry quickly due to the fact that there are no minerals in the water. Equally matching the quality of water they are bred, hatched, and raised in is the world-class quality of breeding stock that was chosen to begin this breeding process.

All of our breeding stock was initially brought in from top breeders all over the world. We contacted select breeders who specialize in the certain strains and colors of angelfish that we wanted to provide for our customers. Each breeder had spent years to achieve the color and strain that they specilize in such as “Super Red Koi”, “Smokey Paribas”, “Superstar Glitter Platinums”, “Panoy Paribas”, “Albino Pearlscales”, and many more new high end strains. In addition, we have the more basic strains such as “Marbles”, “Golds”, “Silvers”, and “Double Dark Blacks”.

Our angels not only have impressive color and pattern, through generations of breeding, we have developed show quality fins. We are constantly striving to achieve new and more impressive strains. Brian is working on a project at home which will hopefully involve bringing in a strain of (F1) captive bred “Atabapo Altums” into the mix. Breeding angels isn’t as simple as crossing one strain to the other. You must carefully select the correct strains with the proper compatible genetics to produce proper offspring. When done correctly, the end result is a beautiful, healthy, vigorous angelfish with incredible color and fins.

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