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Bobo, our 24 year old blue and gold macaw, Peaches, our moluccan cockatoo, and Woodstock, our Sulphur crested cockatoo are our store mascots to greet our customers as they enter our store. We do not carry these larger birds, but we have a great selection of exotic birds, including parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, and small parrots.

We buy only from select, reputable breeders. The larger birds are brought in as hand-fed babies, thus very tame and friendly, making for better pets. Birds are entertaining, beautiful, and highly intelligent pets. They can be taught tricks, and some of them can learn to talk with continual repeating of words.

Birds can be very rewarding by providing companionship to some people. Vocalizing is a trait of all birds, but of course the larger ones are louder and more shrill. The smaller birds mainly just chirp. Their beaks are designed for chewing, building nests, cracking seed and nuts, and therefore very powerful. The larger the bird, the more powerful their beaks are. A macaw has the estimated bite strength of 600 pounds of pressure per square inch. Careful and gentle handling of all birds is advised. The more they are handled, the more they like to be held, otherwise they will feel safe and comfortable in their cage and wonít want to come out.

The life span of birds varies according to the types, ranging from 10 years (parakeets) to 80 years (macaws). You will find a large selection of bird accessories in our avian supply department. Come visit us for a wide variety of bird cages, from housing small birds such as parakeets to large birds like macaws and cockatoos.

Our wall of toys has a selection for birds of any breed or size. If you donít find what you are looking for, we have cage catalogs that you can special order from. You must supply clean, fresh water daily, as well as food. Seed and pellets that are still good can just be topped off. Sun Seed, Zupreme, Higgins are our foods and treats of choice for our avian creatures. There is a selection for all types and sizes of birds in these brands, treats as well, all made in USA. You can supplement these foods with fresh fruits like bananas, apples, and grapes.

Our store birds love cheese and scrambled eggs also. It is also a good idea to use a bird bath spray on birds to help them preen and keep their feathers healthy. Keep them out of a draft while doing this and early in the day so the feathers dry. Their cage needs to be kept clean by spot cleaning daily and completely sanitizing weekly. We carry a variety of bedding for birds and all animals. Our heated units are cleaned and maintained daily for optimum health of our feathered friends. Birds should be groomed every 2-3 months. Keeping their wings clipped and their nails trimmed is highly recommended. Our staff provides this service, but you just need to call in advance.

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