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Guinea pigs are a very popular pet with children because they are very gentle and responsive if handled frequently. They are a rodent native to South America. Our guinea pigs are purchased from local and select breeders, and therefore very healthy and friendly.

There are several varieties to choose from, but usually we only carry the short hair, which has a uniformly short hair coat, and the Abyssinian, which has swirls and cowlicks. There is also the Peruvian with very long, silky hair, but because of this, they are very hard to care for, constantly needing to be groomed. They have a life span of about 4-6 years. They need to be handled properly. Because they are very squirmy, children have the tendency to squeeze when holding them. This can sometimes cause the guinea pig to become aggressive and bite.

Cages range in styles from glass enclosures to wire cages with solid bottoms. Because their feet are so small, they cannot have a cage with a wire bottom. Although we carry run-a-bout balls and wheels, we do not recommend them for guinea pigs. We suggest the tubes and snack shacks for them. A variety of bedding and odor control products are among the items we stock for all small animals. Their cage needs to be kept clean by spot cleaning daily and completely sanitized weekly. They also like hiding places, such as cardboard tubes and huts which we carry. They can be kept at room temperature and can tolerate cooler temperature versus warmer.

Sun Seed, Higgins, and Ox Bow foods and treats, all made in USA, are our foods of choice. Hay and oats should be part of their diet as well as the pre- packaged food. You can supplement these foods with fresh vegetables and fruit such as carrots and apples in small amounts as long as they tolerate them without causing a loose stool. If you notice a change in their stool, stop the fresh vegetables and fruit because they will dehydrate very quickly. Guinea pigs need vitamin C, and we sell treats and vitamins to meet this requirement. You must supply clean, fresh water daily, and at all times. They need this to help digest their food.

We carry male and female guinea pigs, and have not noticed any difference in personality. The males and females reach sexual maturity around 3 months of age. The gestation of female guinea pigs is between 60 to 72 days. When born, the babies have fur and look just like miniature guinea pigs, with eyes open and teeth. To provide a healthy environment for our small furry friends, our staff feeds, cleans, and maintains our housing units daily. Our staff also provides a service for nail clippings for rabbits and guinea pigs, we just recommend calling in advance. We also carry other small animals: chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits, as well as supplies for all.

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