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Wet Pets & Friends is a family owned and operated business. When we started our first pet store more than 20 years ago, our goal was to help pets and pet owners together, to have a healthier, happier relationship by providing the highest quality products and passing along the most recent industry knowledge.

Wet Pets & Friends started as a hobby with a father and his sons breeding fish in the basement. Ed Sr., and his two older boys Ed Jr. and Brian started with fresh water tanks in the late 60's and by the 70's were full fledge saltwater experts. Their hobby eventually branched into other critters such as hamsters, rabbits, dogs and exotic birds.

By the time Ed Jr. and Brian were teenagers, the boys were helping their father breed and raise angelfish, guppies, cory catfish,African cichlids, bettas, South American cichlids, severums, oscars, mollies, platties, swordtails and ultimately rare breeds of discus and even saltwater damsels and clowns. They were supplying the large retail pet stores in the Pittsburgh area with thousands of fish per week. They had 120 tanks in their basement and the dream of owning their own pet store was starting to become more of a possibility. The whole Taimuty family including Patricia their mother and their younger brother Dean started to share the love and passion for fish and animals.

Ed Jr. and Brian graduated from Art School and worked in the art field for several years. In 1992 with the help of their parents, they decided to open up Wet Pets and Friends. A five year lease was signed in a brand new development called "Waterdam Commons" in a fast growing suburb of Pittsburgh called McMurray. The space was 2,400 square feet with a 3000 gallon showroom almost evenly divided between fresh and saltwater. There was also a section for birds, small animals, reptiles and supplies. The first year and a half, Ed Jr. Brian and Patty ran the store and worked 12 hours a day with occasional and part time help from the rest of the family. Soon the store required the full time presence of Ed Sr. Wet Pets kept flourishing and within three years doubled in size to 4,800 square feet.

With a lot of hard work, quality pets, expert knowledge and the friendly family customer service, there were able to build their own 10,000 square foot building in2005. Today the whole Taimuty family works full time with the support of their staff of 14 employees! Dean was the most recent addition after earning his masters degree, he joined the family and is now handling all of the business aspects of the store.

We soon learned the best way to help pets was to the owners themselves through education and commitment. Our goal is to support our customers through the good times and stressful ones. Educate our customers and provide quality goods and services and reasonable rates.

Showing you we stand behind our philosophy, we have started a rewards program that offers our customers point incentives every time they make a purchase. Your point accumulate and you can use them in house on any products. To find out more about our program visit BoBo Rewards Program.

We would love to become a part or your and your pets lives if you give us the opportunity. You can begin by joining our mailing list so we can stay in contact and provide you will the latest product news and manufacturer offers.

Brian's Discus Hatchery. Sign up for to the waiting list for Brian's incredible Discus grown right here in the store.
Spoil your Pittsburgh Dog. Sign up for the BoBo Bucks Program and earn points every time you make a purchase.
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