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Rabbits can be an entertaining and rewarding pet. They are social and playful animals. There are many varieties of rabbits, however, we carry only the breeds that stay relatively small, such as the Netherland dwarfs, Holland lops, rexes, and lion heads. These types get between 3-5 pounds. Our bunnies are purchased from local and select breeders, and therefore very healthy and friendly. They do not require a lot of attention and enjoy being around their owners, sometimes enjoying being held, but not always.

Rabbits can be litter trained, but usually not until at least 6 months of age. They have a life span of about 5-12 years, depending on the breed. If you let your rabbits hop around your house, you have to be sure to monitor them. They like to chew and can chew furniture, clothing, leather, wiring, etc. We carry mineral blocks and other chew toys made specifically for them. We also carry a variety of cages for them, preferably a larger one, and with a bottom grate. Special orders for outdoor hutches can be made at our store also.

Rabbits need daily exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. Besides playtime out of the cage, to give your rabbits some exercise and fun, we have run-a-bout balls and tubes, and many other accessories. We only carry good quality foods and treats such as Sun Seed, Higgins, and Ox Bow brands, all made in USA. Hay and oats should be part of their diet as well as the pre-packaged food. You can supplement these foods with fresh vegetables and fruit such as carrots and apples in small amounts as long as they tolerate them without causing a loose stool. If you notice a change in their stool, stop the fresh vegetables and fruit because they will dehydrate very quickly. You must supply clean, fresh water daily, and at all times. They need this to help digest their food.

Keeping a rabbits’ cage clean is a must for the pet’s health and for odor control. Their cage needs to be kept clean by spot cleaning daily and completely sanitized weekly. We carry a variety of bedding and odor control products to help with this. Rabbits and guinea pigs need to have their nails clipped about every 2-3 months. Our staff provides this service, but you just need to call in advance. Bunnies can start breeding as young as 4-5 months old. The gestation period is about 30 days. The newborn are hairless, deaf, and blind. To provide a healthy environment for our small furry friends, our staff feeds, cleans, and maintains our housing units daily. We also carry other small animals: chinchilla, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs, as well as supplies for all.

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