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Iguanas, bearded dragons, chamelions, leopard geckos, anoles, tarantulas, corn snakes, and milk snakes, and turtles are among the various reptiles we house in our heated units. If you are looking for any exotics, we will try to special order your request. Many green iguanas come from Latin America, but we carry captive bred babies at our store. They are generally about 12 inches long with their tail when we get them in, but they can grow to over 3-4 feet long over time.

We have individual reptile habitats that can be made into kits, and ready to go prepackaged kits. As your iguana or other reptile grows, it will need more space and a larger enclosure, so plan ahead when making your housing selection. Most reptiles require special lighting and heat. It is of vital importance that you supply your reptile with the proper equipment. We carry many different substrates such as vita sand, moss, reptibark, crushed walnut shells, and more. Among our other supplies are UVA and UVB bulbs, heat lamps, basking lamps, hiding cages, driftwood, and an assortment of decorations to complement their enclosure.

Their cage needs to duplicate what they would have in nature. A variety of packaged food is available at our store for many different reptiles. However, some need live food. Crickets, mealworms, and super worms are among the live food we stock. Live mice and rats are not kept here at our store, but we do carry frozen rodents in a variety of sizes.

Fresh and clean water should be available at all times. Misting with a fine spray of warm water may be needed as well for some. The reptile’s environment must be kept clean to ensure optimum health. Spot cleaning daily and completely sanitizing weekly is recommended. Make sure to wash your hands before and especially after handling reptiles or after handling any type of animal or bird.

Depending on the type of reptile you choose, they may enjoy being handled (like snakes) or not (like anoles). If you supplement your reptiles diet with fruits and vegetables, make sure you provide the proper ones. Broccoli actually will draw calcium from their body. To provide a healthy environment for all our reptiles, animals , and birds, our staff feeds, cleans, and maintains our housing units daily.

Turtles are becoming more difficult to obtain. However, we do carry re-eared sliders and Russian tortoises. Laws require their shells to be at least 4” in diameter. We also stock a variety of popular frogs such as tree frogs, regular and albino pacman frogs, dumpy frogs, and fire belly toads. Other pets that we carry are: birds, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and guinea pigs, as well as supplies for all.

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